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Easily update your web site and have prospects search your inventory.

For Webmasters and Dealers


The Challenge:

1.) To exhibit your dealerships inventory on a website in a hassle-free way.
2.) Be able to use ANY existing web site design.
3.) Be able to use data already created somewhere else.
4.) No complicated SQL database setup
5.) Find a Cost-Affordable, Error-Free Solution



The Solution : The Virtual Lot Manager

The Lot Manager software can accommodate a large range of vehicle dealerships including; 

  • New Car and Truck Dealerships
  • Used Car and Truck Dealerships
  • New and Used Boat Dealerships
  • New and Used Motorcycle Dealerships
  • New and Used RV, 5th Wheel and Camper Dealerships 
  • New and Used Heavy Equipment Dealerships - coming soon
  • New and Used ATV Dealerships - coming soon
  • New and Used Snowmobile Dealerships - coming soon
  • Also works for Online Classifieds and Auto Brokers

"If you want a simple, no nonsense solution to displaying your dealerships inventory on a website, you will not find a more affordable, simple and error free solution." Rick Thomas Pueblo Cars


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by e-mail or
call (719) 547-7969 for quicker service.

We have the solution for you if you are:

  • Looking for an auto classifieds script?
  • Looking to put your inventory on the Internet?
  • Looking for a business opportunity?
  • Looking for a simple, cost-effective window sticker program?
  • Looking for a program that's easily customized?
  • Looking to keep or design your own web site design?
  • Looking for a firm to help with all your Internet web site needs?

Already have an existing Website? TEMPLATE DRIVEN BY YOUR DESIGN!

We have created an easy way for you to seamlessly put your website around our program the Virtual Lot Manager. Simply create a cell or table where you want The Virtual Lot Manager to go, split your html at that point into a header and footer file and your website will fit nicely around our program.


If you are interested in using the Virtual Lot Manager as an opportunity to open your own business or make part-time money, this is an excellent vehicle (pun intended) to help make that happen! 





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