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The Virtual Lot Manager Features

The Virtual Lot Manager program works by logging into a secure area of your website and entering the vehicle information directly to an entry form. The matching digital camera picture can be uploaded from your hard drive at the same time or you can transfer the vehicles all at once using an FTP program.

Use Your Existing Website

  • The Virtual Lot Manager is template driven; by that we mean you can use your existing website without having to sacrifice your design.

 2 Step Process

Take Pictures of Vehicles

  • Take pictures of the vehicles and upload to the web server. If you elect not to have digital pictures, a dummy picture can be used in it's place or no picture shown at all.
  • Use the automated form for uploading your vehicles from your hard drive or use an FTP program to transfer files. Instructions included.

Input Vehicles 

  • Input the Vehicle Information - login to a secured web address and enter the information about the vehicle. As soon as the data is entered it displays on your website. 
  • Take your Reynolds or ADP file, or any other auto source files and upload the file to work automatically. We can match most auto source files to work. Our ADP and Reynolds & Reynolds solution works automatically and updates your website on a daily basis.

Window Stickers

  • Window Stickers can be printed either on the standard peel and stick window stickers or can be printed to regular paper. If you have an inkjet or laser color printer you can print some decent looking window stickers, complete with your dealership information, any graphics or logos and any additional text. When you take a look at the demo and see the full details of a vehicle, you will notice an icon that says, PRINT THIS, that's the Window Sticker, it's available for the customer while their online, or for you to print and put on the dash or window of the vehicle.

For a full-feature overview, see our EXTENDED FEATURES PAGE.


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